Assisted/Self –Referral– Maximum 30% of Places

While the majority of people referred for Tús are selected on a random basis by the Department, 30% of available places can be filled by assisted or self-referral. The assisted/self-referral affords a number of DEASP customers who fulfil the qualifying criteria the opportunity to avail of short-term quality work placements and break the cycle of unemployment.

A Tús application can be handed in to West Cork Development Partnership or the Local Intreo office. West Cork Development Partnership should forward the application to the Local Intreo Office.

The “Tús 7 Assisted-Self Referral form and Case Office recommendation Jan 18” must be mediated through a Case Officer in the local Intreo office. The Case Officer will meet or contact the jobseeker to establish the reasons they wish to be considered for the Tús initiative and verify eligibility criteria. In all self-referral cases, the Tús recommendation must be completed by the Case Officer. The Case Officer must be satisfied that the eligibility criteria are met and it is in the best interest of the customer to participate on Tús.

The application form along with the signed recommendation sheet must be sent to the Divisional Liaison Officer (DLO) by the Case Officer who will liaise with the West Cork Development Partnership.