About WCDP

West Cork Development Partnership was incorporated on October 4th 2007, to facilitate the merger of the West Cork LEADER Co-op and the West Cork Community Partnership.

West Cork Development Partnership operates on a not for profit basis and has met the Revenue Commissioner’s requirements for charitable tax exempt status. The company filed its first annual return on April 11th 2008.

West Cork Development Partnership aims to promote, support, assist and engage in social, community and enterprise development.

Through our various programmes the West Cork Development Partnership team works to promote the welfare of individuals and local communities and dealing with the causes and consequences of social and economic disadvantage or poverty.

West Cork Development Partnership strives to:

  • promote social inclusion through person centred approaches and community initiatives
  • promote economic development and to increase employment and enterprise, in particular through the provision of education and training and community work place initiatives
  • promote wider participation in voluntary activity and to promote the networking of community and voluntary organisations
  • promote equality of opportunity
  • promote and maximise the benefits of walking tourism and rural recreation by assisting local famers, landowners and stakeholders
  • provide income support for farmers and fishermen and to provide services of benefit to rural communities
  • promote and deliver energy efficiency and comfort to the homes of vulnerable people

West Cork Development Partnership works as a non-exclusive development agency in conjunction with and liaison with State agencies, structures and local authorities.

The vision statement for the West Cork Development Partnership envisages and plans for the development of the West Cork region as:

“A progressive and vibrant rural region of inclusive and engaged communities, where guided by the principle of sustainability, its social, cultural, natural and economic assets are harnessed to achieve an improved quality of life for all”

Our Programmes